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A career at The Galeb Group

Choosing a company to propel your career is a difficult decision. With years of experience and strong relationships built through out the community The Galeb Group has created a culture to give you a great opportunity at success.

The amount of insurance companies or financial services sectors to choose a career from can be sure you are choosing a path that allows you to grow your business within a successful environment built upon honesty and integrity.

With all these factors in mind we have a built comprehensive approach within a niche market to help you grow your business. We are also an independent advising firm and you have the opportunity to write any companys business you choose. The best part of an independant firm is that the relationships and clients you create will always be yours even if you leave for another financial firm in the future. One of the biggest mistakes new advisors make is building a client base that their company keeps when they leave. For more information on our brooker/dealer GWN follow the links below.


Why The Galeb Group?

To be successful in this industry requires an entrepreneurial spirit and an environment that fosters that quality. Along with added benefits, an undeniable reputation within a local community and a niche market, our financial advisors have all the resources needed to grow their practice. New agents always have access to a senior advisor for joint appointments until they are comfortable on their own.

With a sponsorship from the National Education Association to offer specific retirement plans only available to your market you have to ability to help clients like no other in the industry. The 403(b) marketplace is a great way to build a book of business and help your local comunity at the same time.

You have all the places to go and all the people to see without any of the cold calling. Don't let prospecting your natural market be your first experience in the financial services industry....

Training & Development

The financial services industry is a forever changing marketplace and if you don’t adapt with it, you will be left behind. We offer continuos training with regards to product knowledge, compliance, sales approaches, and industry knowledge that will allow you to help your clients through all stages of life.

After introductory training on paperwork, compliance, product knowledge, technology, markets, etc. our advisors can expect field training to see firsthand how more experienced advisors have grown their successful practices.

Training never stops...we continually adapt and look for ways to make sure your business continues to develop and grow. You are only limited for your own ambition.


There are many different compensation packages based on experience. We offer a mix of salary and commission to get people started. Experienced advisors will also be offered transfer compensation based on their skill set. If you are interested in learning more, please send your resume to:


call Brian at (310) 697-6442