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Brian Lacrosse, CFP®

Brian Lacrosse, CFP®


Brian began his career as a financial advisor with AXA Advisors, LLC shortly after moving from New York to California in 2005. As a new advisor in a new place, he knew he needed some way to find people who needed his help. He was immediately attracted to the RBG® (Retirement Benefits Group) which focuses on an established market of employees in the K-12 marketplace. His main focus was on building relationships and helping school employees understand and reach their financial goals.

In recognition of his skills and leadership as a financial advisor, he was promoted to a Divisional Vice President. In addition to continuing his work as a financial advisor, this afforded him the opportunity to hire, supervise and train a team of financial professionals. He took great pride in mentoring these talented, young financial professionals. During this time he was also able to expand outside the school systems and help our local business owners achieve their financial goals in this ever changing market. He had a great experience at AXA and owe a lot of his success to many amazing people over the years.

Feeling the need for independence from both the branch system and product loyalty, he created The Galeb Group with his business partner Shawn Finley. The Galeb Group is a wealth management company that prides itself on product independence and a true responsibility to our valued clients. Brian has always had a passion for financial advising and loves helping his clients achieve their financial goals. 

He earned his bachelors degree as a double major in finance and business management from the University at Albany New York. In 2013 he finished his pursuit of the Certified Financial Professional™ Designation at the American College.

In his spare time he enjoys working on his house, sports and spending time with his family. Him and his wife Jelena have a son named Luka, and a puppy named Luna.